BSANA Training Summit 2020 @ Combat Fitness MMA Center
Sep 11 @ 10:00 – Sep 13 @ 18:00


TBA, but you could reasonably expect the following topics to be covered:

*double sword (daab song mue)

*single sword (daab nung mue)

*staff (plong)

*half spear (hork sadt)

*shield (lo)

*forearm shields (mae sowks)

*empty hand (muay boran / muay thai)


Confirmed Instructors:

*Ajahns Jason Webster, Stephen Wilson, Arlan Sanford

*Khrus Loki Jorgenson, Pat Gagnon, Rene Cocolo, Eric Wong



*Tier 1 Early Registration (by Aug 1):  $150.00 USD

*Tier 2 Early Registration (by Sept 1):  $175.00 USD

*Regular Registration (after Sept 1):  $200.00 USD

*Deposit:  $75.00 USD ($125 balance due by Sept 1st)

* The entire registration balance is refundable up to Sept 1st * After Sept 1st, deposits will be forfeited if the $125 balance has not been paid.  Alternatively, if registration has been paid in full, a $75 non-refundable fee will be charged in the event of a cancellation while the remaining $125 will be refunded.


Register Here:

BSANA 2020 Summit Registration Form