Buddhai Sawan Association of North America (“BSANA”) is a unincorporated organization operating under the auspices of the non-profit corporation Monsoon Society for the Cultural Arts of Southeast Asia (“Monsoon Society”).  The mandate of the Monsoon Society is to promote SE Asian cultural arts and, as a sub-organization, BSANA focuses on the promotion of the traditional Thai combat art of krabi krabong as it was originally promulgated at the Buddhai Sawan Institute in Bangkok under Por Khru Samai Mesamarn – Buddhai Sawan Krabi Krabong (“BSKK”).

Membership includes online resources (videos, historical documents, training resources), special event pricing and allows you to get more involved in the Buddhai Sawan community

To join as a member, you must be one of:
– a recognized instructor of a member club
– must be a student of a member club/trained with a BSANA instructor and have received a rank of at least white sash
– an alumni of the Buddhai Sawan Institute in Thailand

Tiers of Membership:
Resources available to a member will vary depending on their rank in BSANA. Currently, content is broken down into 3 tiers:
Student (white -> green sash)
Advanced (blue -> red sash)
Instructor (silver -> gold sash)

Cost of membership
$25/year (CAD or USD, depending on country of origin – Mexican residents are charged in USD)

Membership is for the calendar year and ends on December 31st.
Renewal invoices are sent in January of the following year.

If you’re interested in becoming a member, please fill out a Monsoon Society Application form

If you have any questions, please contact us