Our Mission


Buddhai Sawan Association of North America seeks to establish a strong foundation of instructors and students across North America that increase the quality, quantity, and accessibility of training in Thai combat arts, in particular krabi krabong and muay boran.


Buddhai Sawan Association of North America observes and promotes

– Respect and appreciation for all martial and cultural arts
– Support and promotion of all forms of krabi krabong and muay boran
– Cultural relevance and authenticity of the Thai combat arts
– Legacy of the Buddhai Sawan Institute and Por Khru Samai Mesamarn
– Practice and expression of Thai cultural traditions related to Buddhai Sawan
– Recognition of the intellectual property rights of culture groups

Board & Council


Ajahn Jason Webster

Ajahn Arlan Sanford

Ajahn Steve Wilson


Loki Jorgenson - President

Pat Gagnon - Secretary

Eric Wong - Treasurer

Rene Cocolo - Ombudsman